Diane Dotson, Director

My name is Diane Dotson, I am the Director of Kingdom Kids Christian Daycare in Clark County. I have been the director for Kingdom Kids since 2003. I have obtained my Pre-School and Toddler Child Development Associate Credential and also a Director's Credential through Morehead State University.

The thing I like most about myself is that I am a people person. I love talking and meeting new friends. I enjoy learning about different experiences others have to share. I love listening to children talk, their worlds are so carefree and exciting. They can brighten your day whenever you are feeling gloomy. A hug, a smile, and even an "I love you" can brighten the most dreary day.

I have two grown children and five grand daughters whom help to make my busy life complete. Being a Childcare Director is very special and often times a demanding job, in which I love. One important goal in life is to assure Kingdom Kids Christian Daycare parents and enrolled children know they are special and I will do whatever's possible to protect the health, safety, and well-being of every child entrusted in my care. I want to help instill in children the good morals that will enable them to become reliable and productive adults, and to know, they can look back when they move forward in life upon leaving Kingdom Kids Christian Daycare and remember the difference that was made in their lives and how the staff at Kingdom Kids Christian Daycare instilled the strategy of, "You can be all that you want to be if you just believe in yourself and have faith."

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Diane Dotson & Son, Pastor Ryan DotsonDiane Dotson & SonPhilippians 4:13 - I can do all things through Christ who strengthen me.


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